History of Environmental Sciences

Hannah Conway

Hannah Conway

Research Interests: History of science, technology, and engineering; public infrastructure and technology; state sponsorship of research and design; theory and epistemology of applied sciences; science-fiction and cultural acceptance of scientific and technological advance; technological fear.

Dani  Inkpen

Dani Inkpen

Research Interests: History of glaciology in North America in the twentieth century, with a focus on the relationships between science and recreation, as manifested in the intertwined histories of mountaineering and glacier study in the early twentieth century. Her work focuses in particular on the changing methods and practices of glacier study throughout the twentieth century, and the shifting role of photography in this history.

Eli  Nelson

Eli Nelson

Research Interests: Native science; indigeneity and science; science and nation building; intellectual decolonization movements; New Deal sciences; traditional ecological knowledge, history of anthropology and archeology; environmental history; postcolonial, feminist and queer theory; Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) history; postcolonial  material history and museum studies

Deng-Tung  Wang

Deng-Tung Wang

Research Interests: The historical elements of the environmental movement. From a research question that explores social reception to behaviors that impact the environment, my goal is to find something that would spark another environmental movement and incite change among the population to rally for action against climate change by mobilizing people of the world to fight for environmental issues