Kit Heintzman

Kit Heintzman

Kit Heintzman

Research Interests: History of medical education; material culture; French intellectual history; animal studies; history of race/gender/sexuality.


I completed my dissertation, Keeping Economies Alive: Animals, Medicine, and the Domestication of the French Empire, 1761-1814, and received my PhD in History of Science in May 2019. My research explores the emergence of standardized veterinary education from the ancien regime to the Napoleonic coronation (1765-1804) and traces the restructuring of Enlightenment understandings of human-animal dependence in France and the colonies in the Indian Ocean. From its nascence, veterinary medicine strategically framed its utility within contexts of French universalism and cosmopolitanism. I examine how the rhetoric of travel and empire permeated the most rural and domestic of disciplines and the effects of the circulation of scientific knowledge into the colonies. I conducted archival research in England, France, and Mauritius in 2016-2017 supported by the Frederick Sheldon Travel Fellowship, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and Chateaubriand. In AY 17, I conducted additional archival research on a Dan David Fellowship.

Previous Degrees:
BAH., Queen's University 
MA., Queen's University

Ph.D., Harvard University

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