Science New Wave Film Festival


Friday, November 18, 2022, 12:00pm to 6:45pm


Science Center Hall E

Science New Wave Festival PosterThe Department of the History of Science at Harvard University and
Imagine Science Films/Labocine invite you to join us for the third edition of the Science New Wave series.

Each of the experimental, documentary, and animated short films will be followed by a presentation of scholarly work in conversation with the film, and Q&A with the filmmaker(s).

This exciting afternoon/evening experiment in science and film that will take place in-person.


"Dream of a Shadow" (work-in-progress)
Peter Galison, USA

"Interference Pattern"
Ramey Newell & Niccolò Bigagli, USA

"La plage aux êtres"
Kendra McLaughlin, France

"The Garden of the Future"
Alexis Gambis, USA & Spain

"The Great Refractor"
Andy Graydon, USA

"The Whelming Sea"
Sean Hanley, USA

"Sincerely Yours"
Ethel Browne Harvey, Beatrice Steinert,
Advik Beni & Beth Ribeiro, USA


Aaron Gluck-Thaler (Harvard)
Caroline Jones (MIT)
Elizabeth Lunbeck (Harvard)
Naomi Oreskes (Harvard)
Rebecca Lemov (Harvard)
Sal Suri (Harvard)
Stefan Helmreich (MIT)