Jennifer van der Grinten

Jennifer van der Grinten

English Instructor, AP Capstone Seminar, Christo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School
Jennifer  van der Grinten

Research Interests: History of medicine and the body; East Asia; the early work of Wilhem Reich on bioelectricity.

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Graduated from Bard College with a bachelor's degree, where she did ethnographic work with former substance abusers who achieved sobriety through Falun Dafa. She became interested in the history of medicine and the body while completing her master's degree in Japanese studies. Currently, she is researching the history of medicine in interwar Europe, with a focus on the intersection of psychoanalysis, physiology, and dialectical materialism.

BA., Religion and Asian Studies, Bard College
AM., Regional Studies East Asia, Harvard University
PhD., History of Science, Harvard University