HUCE Fellowships Through History of Science

HUCE LogoStudents interested in post-doctoral fellowships with the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) are encouraged to consider History of Science as their sponsoring department.  HUCE requires that all potential candidates identify and establish a relationship with a Harvard faculty member to host their research. The host will be a mentor to the fellow and will provide office space and basic administrative support. In agreeing to be a host, the faculty member is making a significant commitment.
Successful candidates will be enthusiastically recommended by their proposed host. Each applicant's host must submit a letter of support (maximum of two pages) to the selection committee describing in detail the level of commitment to the research and the candidate. Often Harvard faculty members are approached by many would-be applicants. Some faculty members conduct their own selection process to identify one or two applicants for recommendation to the selection committee.

The Department of the History of Science has a deadline of November 1st for all sponsor requests.  If  you intend to apply for a HUCE Fellowship via History of Science, you must contact your potential sponsor and submit your application, including a discussion of why History of Science is an appropriate host, before that deadline. We strongly encourage candidates to identify and contact potential sponsors well in advance of the November 1 deadline.