Christopher Rudeen

Christopher Rudeen

Chris Rudeen

Research Interests: History of medicine; history of psychiatry; American history; women, gender, and sexuality studies; material culture; medicalizing difference.

Christopher M. Rudeen is a doctoral candidate in the Department of the History of Science with a secondary field in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. His research focuses on the ways in which nontraditional materials and practices are used for defining “normality” and constructing the self. His dissertation, “Treating Clothes: Dress and the Sciences of Subjectivity,” explores the ways in which clothing was discussed and studied in the human sciences during the twentieth century to produce objectivity in the study of selfhood, a project inextricably tied with forms of consumer control. Prior to coming to Harvard, Christopher earned his bachelor’s degree from Yale, where he studied chemistry and the history of science, medicine, and public health. Outside of the history of science, Christopher’s interests include cooking shows, stand-up comedy, and naps.

Previous Degrees:
B.S., Chemistry, History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health, Yale University

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