Nayanika Ghosh

Nayanika Ghosh

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Research Interests: History and philosophy of biology; feminist science studies; science and race.

An anthropologist by training, Nayanika’s research is in the history, politics, and philosophy of biology. Her dissertation research examines the 1970s-1980s conflict between sociobiologists and feminist scientists, viewing it as a site of the (re)production of binaries such as science-politics, science-social science, and rationality-emotion. Through a study of scientific collectives that came together to oppose sociobiology on scientific as well as political grounds, her research locates the emergence of late-twentieth century feminist science critique—that went on to argue the sociopolitical nature of scientific knowledge—in the sociobiology debates.


“Synthesizing Sexual Selection into Mainstream Evolutionary Theory: Sociobiology vs. Academic Feminism in the History of Biology.” Joint Atlantic Seminar in the History of Biology (JAS-Bio), University of Pennsylvania, April 9-10, 2021

Previous Degrees: 
BA (Psychology-Anthropology), St. Xavier's College, Mumbai (India)
MA (Anthropology), Queen's University, Belfast (UK)

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