Nayanika Ghosh

Nayanika Ghosh

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Research Interests: Feminist science studies; gender studies; history and philosophy of biology; history of statistics

An anthropologist by training, Nayanika is interested in the history, politics, and the philosophy of biology. She wants to study how the biology of human behavior became relevant to everyday discourse in the first place—especially in determining “feasible” political goals and economic systems. More broadly interested in how our biology came to be viewed as inherently limiting, she wishes to delve into the politics of sexual selection, and critically examine the explanatory power of ‘ultimate’ approaches to human behavior. She is also interested in the relationship between late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century eugenics, and the history of inferential statistics.

Previous Degrees: 
BA., Psychology-Anthropology, St. Xavier's College (Mumbai)
MA., Anthropology, Queen's University (Belfast)

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