Samira Daneshvar

Samira Daneshvar

Samira Daneshvar

Research Interests: History of the Body, design history, visual representation in sciences, media studies and material culture, intellectual history of energy.

Samira Daneshvar is a fourth-year PhD student in History and Theory of Architecture and a master’s student in History of Science. Her research broadens the definition of design to consider its place in the histories of sciences, media, and the environment. She is particularly interested in the histories and materialities that have formed the relation between the human body and its "surroundings." Inquiring into history of modern environmental thought, she has been researching the interconnectedness of interior and exterior environments. Her dissertation focuses on history of radiation in late nineteenth and early twentieth century, studying how spaces within and between bodies are mediated, represented, and reasoned.

Samira holds a Master of Architecture from University of Toronto and Master of Science from University of Michigan. She joined the discipline of art and architecture after five years of medical studies in Iran. Prior to joining Harvard, Samira taught at University of Miami and practiced in Toronto. Her writings have appeared in Thresholds Journal, Inflection Journal, Centre 22, Taylor and Francis (forthcoming). She has exhibited at: MIT (Keller Gallery), Fashion Art Toronto (Daniel’s Spectrum), University of Texas at Austin (Goldsmith Hall), and Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University.

Previous Degrees:

M.Sc. University of Michigan, USA

M.Arch. University of Toronto, Canada

Incomplete M.D. Azad University, Iran

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