Tasha Schoenstein

Tasha Schoenstein

Research Associate, Sutter Hill Ventures
Tasha Schoenstein

Research Interests: History and philosophy of computer science, computing, mathematics, and electrical engineering; history of information and communication technologies; history of the university; history of gender and science.


Tasha Schoenstein is Research Associate at Sutter Hill Ventures. In 2022, she received her PhD from Harvard’s History of Science department. Her research interests center on the history of computer science, mathematics, and engineering. Her dissertation, "Computer Science on Campus: Technology, (Inter)disciplinarity, and the Transformation of the American University," examined the history of computer science as an academic discipline, with particular attention on the history of interdisciplinarity and the history of gender and computer science.


Previous Degrees: 

PhD, History of Science, Harvard University

S.M., Computer Science, Harvard University

S.B., Mathematics with Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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