Tasha Schoenstein

Tasha Schoenstein

Tasha Schoenstein

Research Interests: History and philosophy of computer science, computing, mathematics, and electrical engineering; history of information and communication technologies; history of the university; history of gender and science.

Tasha Schoenstein is a PhD candidate (ABD) in the History of Science. Her research interests center on the history of computer science, mathematics, and engineering. Her dissertation examines the history of computer science as an academic discipline, with particular attention on the history of gender and computer science. It is tentatively titled "Departments and Disciplines: The Institutionalization of Computer Science, 1956-1989."

Invited Talks:

“Engineering the Computer Scientist: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and the Building of Disciplines.” Harvard Women in Computer Science. Virtual due to COVID-19 outbreak. November 2020.

“The Proof is in the Coding: Mathematics, Engineering, and Masculinity in the Formation of Computer Science.” Linda Hall Library President's Circle. Virtual due to COVID-19 outbreak. August 2020.

Selected Papers Presented:

“Before ‘C.S.’ Was ‘Computer Science’: Linguistics, Cybernetics, and the ‘Communication Sciences’ at the University of Michigan.” Harvard-Princeton-MIT Conference on the History of the Physical Sciences (“Phunday”). Virtual due to COVID-19 outbreak. January 2021.

“Mathematical Education and the Making of the Computer Scientist: Computer Science at Stanford University.” Harvard-Princeton-MIT Conference on the History of the Physical Sciences ("Phunday"). Cambridge, MA. September 2019.

“A Tale of Two Departments: Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering at U.C. Berkeley, 1967-1973.” Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference. Boulder, CO. September 2019.

“‘Interfacing eager Wellesley girls with MIT’s equally eager computer’: The MIT-Wellesley Exchange and the Early History of Computer Science at Wellesley College.” Society for the History of Technology Annual Meeting. St. Louis, MO. October 2018.

Previous Degrees: 

S.M., Computer Science, Harvard University

S.B., Mathematics with Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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