PhD Alumni



Erik Baker
Entrepreneurial: Management Expertise and the Reinvention of the American Work Ethic (2022)

Jordan Howell
Imperial Crucible: Alcoa and the Transimperial History of American Capitalism, 1888-1953 (2022)

Kiran Kumbhar
Healing and Harming: The "Noble Profession" of Medicine in Post-Independence India, 1947-2015 (2022)

Michelle Labonte
Diagnosing Uncertainty: Cystic Fibrosis, Disease Definitions, and Diagnostic Challenges in Medicine (2022)

Tiffany Nichols
Constructing Stillness: Theorization, Discovery, Interrogation, and Negotiation of the Expanded Laboratory of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (2022)

Meg Perret
Gender, Sexuality, and Species in Biodiversity Discourse (2022)

Tasha Schoenstein
Computer Science on Campus: Technology, (Inter)Disciplinarity, and the Transformation of the American University (2022)

Jongsik Christian Yi
More-Than-People’s Communes: Veterinary Workers, Nonhuman Animals, and One Health in Mao-Era China (2022)

Brad Bolman
The Voyage of the Scientific Beagle: Dogs in the Physical and Biomedical Sciences (2021)

Deirdre Moore
The Heart of Red: Cochineal in Colonial Mexico and India (2021)

Gili Vidan
Trading on Trust: Cryptographic Authentication and Digital Decentralization in the United States, 1968–2000 (2021)

Anya Yermakova
An Embodied History of Math and Logic in Russian-Speaking Eurasia (2021)

Jacob D. Moses
Medical Regret without Remorse: A Moral History of Harm, Responsibility, and Emotion in American Surgery Since 1945 (2020)

Katie Ana Baca
Beyond the University: Elite Bostonian Women’s Organizations as Sites of Science Learning, 1868-1910 (2019)

Kathryn Heintzman
Keeping Economies Alive: Animals, Medicine, and the Domestication of the French Empire, 1761-1814 (2019)

Devin Kennedy
Virtual Capital: Computers and the Making of Modern Finance, 1929-1975 (2019)

Florin-Stefan Morar
Connected Cartographies: World Maps in Translation Between China, Inner Asia and Early Modern Europe, 1550-1650 (2019)

Miriam Rich
Monstrous Births: Race, Gender, and Defective Reproduction in U.S. Medical Science, 1830-1930 (2019)

Daniel Volmar
The Computer in the Garbage Can: Air-Defense Systems in the Organization of US Nuclear Command and Control, 1940-1960 (2019)

Leah Aronowsky
The Planet as Self-regulating System: Configuring the Biosphere as an Object of Knowledge, 1940–1990 (2018)

Cara Fallon
Forever Young: The Social Transformation of Aging in America Since 1900 (2018)

Lisa Haushofer
Edible Health: Nutritional Consumer Products in Britain and the United States, 1850-1930 (2018)

Danielle Inkpen
Frozen Icons: the Science and Politics of Repeat Glacier Photographs, 1887-2010 (2018)

Ion Mihailescu
Graphical: The History of a Category (2018)

Evgeny Morozov
A Bath of Continuous Sensations': Warren Brodey’s Quest for Human Augmentation and Intelligent Environments, 1955-1975 (2018)

Eli Nelson
Making Native Science: Indigenous Epistemologies and Settler Sciences in the United States Empire (2018)

Yvan Prkachin
Wired Together: The Montreal Neurological Institute and the Origins of Modern Neuroscience, 1928-1965 (2018)

Laura Lee Schmidt
Creating Common Schools: St. Louis, the American Speculative, and the Rise of Public Education (2018)

Joelle M. Abi-Rached
"The Dead Which Cannot Be Buried": War, Madness, and Modernity in the Levant, 1896-1982 (2017)

Leena Akhtar
From Masochists to Traumatized Victims: Psychiatry, Law, and the Feminist Anti-Rape Movement of the 1970s (2017)

Connemara Doran
Seeking the Shape of the Universe: Confronting the Hyperbolic World, from Henri Poincaré to the Cosmic Microwave Background (2017)

Ardeta Gjikola
“The Finest Things on Earth”: The Elgin Marbles and the Sciences of Taste (2017)

Emily Harrison
Indicating Health: Leona Baumgartner, Global Development, and the Metrics of Infant Mortality (1950-1980) (2017)

Paolo Savoia
Men, Faces, and Pain: Gaspare Tagliacozzi and Early Modern Surgery (2017)

Jennifer Evans
Researching the Body Electric in Interwar Europe: Psychoanalysis, Dialectical Materialism, and Wilhelm Reich’s Bioelectrical Experiments (2017)

Noam Andrews
Irregular Bodies: Polyhedral Geometry and Material Culture in Early Modern Germany (2016)

Tal Arbel
The American Soldier' in Jerusalem: How Social Science and Social Scientists Travel (2016)

Megan Shields Formato
Writing the Atom: Niels and Margrethe Bohr and the Construction of Quantum Theory (2016)

Oriana Walker
The Breathing Self: Toward a History of Respiration (2016)

Jérôme Baudry
The Order of Technological Knowledge. Crafting a New Language for Technology in France, 1750-1850 (2015)

Margarita Boenig-Liptsin
Making Citizens of the Information Age: A Comparative Study of the First Computer Literacy Programs for Children in the United States, France, and the Soviet Union, 1970-1990 (2015)

Stephanie Dick
After Math: (Re)configuring Minds, Proof, and Computing in the Postwar United States (2015)

Yan Liu
Toxic Cures: Poisons and Medicines in Medieval China (2015)

Christina Ramos
Bedlam in the New World: Madness, Colonialism, and a Mexican Madhouse, 1567-1821 (2015)

Jenna Tonn
Museum, Laboratory, and Field Site: Graduate Training in Zoology at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, 1873-1934 (2015)



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