Teaching Innovation

The department of History of Science has been at the forefront of expanding both the content of what the field of history of science does by integrating historical, anthropological, and sociological approaches, and by exploring new teaching methods, from the preparation of Massive Open Online and hybrid (“flipped”) courses to filmmaking, interactive web design, material objects, and site-specific teaching. Our aim is to deepen and broaden this work so our faculty and students can rethink pressing historical problems with contemporary relevance. We extend the traditional aims of teaching and research, and through innovative, experimental, and collaborative ways, join them together.  The department offers opportunities for research and learning beyond the seminar and lecture, among them field studies and faculty lead expeditions


One such initiative is the History Beyond the Classroom program. In early summer 2017, an enterprising group of graduate students, Prof. Janet Browne, and HU Center for the Environment Fellow Laura Martin organized a field excursion to the Galapagos Islands.

View video footage from the trip below, read the online blog or download a field summary about this life-changing adventure.