Faculty In Memoriam

A.I. Sabra  (1924 - 2013)

A.I. Sabra (1924 - 2013)

Professor of the History of Arabic Science, Emeritus

Abdelhamid Ibrahim ("Bashi") Sabra, Professor Emeritus of the History of Arabic Science at Harvard University, passed away on December 18 in Lexington, Massachusetts after a long illness. Born in 1924 to a family of modest means in the Egyptian city of Tanta, Sabra was able to receive an education because he was his parents' only child to survive infancy. After attending the local Coptic school, he won a scholarship to study philosophy at the nascent Alexandria University. There he studied with scholars such as Yusuf Karam and Abu al-'Ala `Afifi. Read more about A.I. Sabra (1924 - 2013)