Noam Andrews

Noam Andrews

Research Interests: Early Modern Science, visual and material cultures of science, including the role of models/instruments/inscriptions/graphical systems in the visualization of scientific research, the interrelationship between science and architecture.

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Paolo  Savoia

Paolo Savoia

Research Interests: The social and epistemological history of Renaissance European surgery, with special reference to the history of pain management, the history of reconstructive techniques of the face, and the history of perceptions of the human face.

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Deng-Tung  Wang

Deng-Tung Wang

Research Interests: The historical elements of the environmental movement. From a research question that explores social reception to behaviors that impact the environment, my goal is to find something that would spark another environmental movement and incite change among the population to rally for action against climate change by mobilizing people of the world to fight for environmental issues... Read more about Deng-Tung Wang