Erik Baker

Erik Baker

Erik Baker

Research Interests: U.S. intellectual history; history of capitalism; history of the social sciences; history of philosophy of science.

Erik Baker is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History of Science at Harvard. His research focuses on the intellectual history of U.S. capitalism in the twentieth century. In his dissertation, he uses the history of the concept of “entrepreneurship” to explore the relationship between ideas about scientific knowledge and work in the development of twentieth century U.S. politics and the emergence of neoliberalism. He is also interested in the ways that the history of the social sciences, and their relationship to political conservatism, continue to exert an influence on contemporary practitioners in fields including science studies.


“Access to Tools: Stewart Brand and the Countercultural Work Ethic,” Lost Alternatives of the Long 1960s: Reflections on the Ideas of the “Counterculture,” workshop (Princeton University, Princeton, NJ), September 28, 2019

“The Other Neoliberals: Joseph Schumpeter and U.S. Social Science in the Early Twentieth Century,” 51st Annual Meeting of Cheiron: International Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences (McEwan University, Edmonton AB, CA), June 21, 2019

“Privatizing the Future: Neo-Optimism, Philanthrocapitalism, and the End of History,” Grappling with the Futures Symposium (Harvard University and Boston University Boston MA), April 30, 2018.

Previous Degrees: 
BA., Northwestern

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