Jonathan Galka

Jonathan Galka

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Research Interests: History of malacology, deep sea exploration and natural history; evolutionary biological theory; biopolitics; symbiogenesis and symbiosis; queer science studies; memory; time; viruses (HIV); the built environment

As an undergraduate student I worked mainly in a variety of ecological field contexts, and this past year I have worked in Malaysia on social science research and policy concerning anti-retrovirals for HIV among transgender communities and sex workers. Since writing an undergraduate thesis on deep-sea mollusks, reproduction & inheritance, and evolutionary biological theory, I have become concerned with the treatment and explanation of sex and gender by evolutionary biology, especially in symbiotic processes. I am broadly interested in how bodies, including human ones, construct themselves and are constructed in their multitude of biotic and abiotic entanglements. In graduate school, I plan to follow these interests by working across multispecies studies, queer & feminist science studies, and the material and visual cultures of natural history. 

Poster forthcoming (July 2019), IAS Conference on HIV Science 2019, “Willingness to use pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and implementation preferances among transgender women in Malaysia”

Previous Degrees:
BA., History of Science & Medicine; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University 

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