Jongsik Christian Yi

Jongsik Christian Yi

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Research interests: Modern China; modern Vietnam; North Korea; socialism and socialist science; postcolonial STS; agricultural science; public health; nutrition scicience; environmental history; political ecology; science and medicine in the socialist bloc;Traditional Asian medicines 

Jongsik Christian Yi is a PhD student in the History of Science at Harvard University. Born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised in Seoul, South Korea, he received his bachelor’s (History) and master’s degrees (History) from Korea University. He is broadly interested in the historical interplay among science, socialism, and agriculture in twentieth-century China, Vietnam, (North) Korea, and Cuba. He has been working on the history of peach farming in Maoist China and Lysenkoism in China and North Vietnam. Currently, he is focusing on the history of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine in Maoist China.

Papers Presented
“What Does “Lysenkoism” Mean from China and Vietnam?: The Soviet Agricultural Biology in China and Vietnam, 1949-1982,” presented at the Annual Conference for the Association for Asian Studies (AAS), March 2019.

“Scions and Rootstocks: The Chinese Honey Nectar Peach and the Grafting of Science, 1922-1965,” presented at the Annual Conference for the History of Science Society (HSS), November 2018.

Previous Degrees:
BA., History, Korea University
MA., Asian History, Korea University

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