Max Ehrenfreund

Max Ehrenfreund

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Research Interests: Economic history; global history; planning; expertise; neoliberalism; epistemology.

Max Ehrenfreund is a Ph.D. candidate in history of science. His dissertation is about a debate over accounting and bookkeeping techniques in centrally planned economies that began at the end of the First World War. This dispute, known as the socialist calculation debate, soon expanded into a wide-ranging controversy concerning the nature of scientific objectivity and the limits of human reason. The questions posed in the course of this controversy have had an enduring influence on the fields of science and technology studies and the philosophy of science, as well as on the institutions that provide funding for scientific research.

The dissertation, entitled “Socialist Accounting: Economic Calculation and the Problem of Knowledge,” is based on archival research in German-speaking Central Europe and the United States.

Born and raised in Oregon, Ehrenfreund was previously a staff writer at The Washington Post.

Previous Degrees:
BA., English, Yale University, 2012

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