Sandip Bhatt

Sandip Bhatt

Research Interests: Performance validation/error assessment practices for automated and semi-automated inference systems where ‘gold standard’ truth data is difficult or impossible to obtain, the ways in which these practices have (and have not) evolved over time, how they privilege certain metrics over others (e.g. quantitative over qualitative, representative cases over edge cases), and how they reflect the valuation of different types of labor (e.g. coding vs. manual review) within the development community.

I am an applied mathematician by training. My professional career has been spent at FFRDCs, working on problems in signal processing, systems engineering, and performance validation for remote sensing systems.

Previous Degrees:

B.A., Mathematics, Williams College
B.A., Sociology, Williams College

A.M., History of Science, Harvard University

Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University


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