Taylor Coplen

Taylor Coplen

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Research Interests: History of technology; East Asian studies; international science policy; postcolonial science studies; STS; transnational knowledge flows; post-secondary STEM education policy.

Taylor is a PhD student in the Department of the History of Science at Harvard. His current research interests include the movement of knowledge between China and Cambodia and the co-production of political and scientific authority.

His previous work examined the historical agglomeration of consumer electronics manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta region and the surveillance infrastructure in Xinjiang province. Through this geographical focus, his research strives to contribute towards a global reorientation of the history of science and technology.


“Decentralized Hardware Production: Makerspaces, Shanzhai, and the Future of Shenzhen’s Technology Industries,” presented at Nanyang Technological University’s Interrogating Innovation Symposium, August 2019.

Previous Degrees:

BA., Philosophy; History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine, University of Chicago
MA., China Development Studies, The University of Hong Kong

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