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"Radio Contact" Reviewed in the Boston Globe

May 27, 2016

"Is there a stranger term than “terrestrial radio”? Oh sure, it distinguishes traditional radio from the satellite kind. But radio, with its plucking of sound from the ether, is the least terrestrial of media. For that same reason, it’s the most magical. That sense of magic is there in the most common early nickname for radio, “the wireless.” No wires is even better than no strings.

Database of Dreams

Inside the Database of Dreams

May 12, 2016

Imagine opening a box that contained the inner life of the people of a lost civilization: Their thoughts, their desires, their dreams. What would that look like? Prof. Rebecca Lemov imparts her view on 1950's psychologist Bert Kaplan's ethnographic archive, and what it has to say about present day scientific pursuits utilizing "big data." Read & Listen >


Tomorrow's podcast live from CHSI

May 10, 2016
Where is sex... in chromosomes? the brain? And what does it mean if we find it? The answers aren’t as simple as X&Y. Science in the News Sit’N Listen podcast invites you to join us for the LIVE recording of our next episode.
Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking exerts his own gravitational pull on Harvard audience.

April 19, 2016

"It is the past that tells us who we are. Without it, we lose our identity." Faculty and students packed into Sanders Theater on Monday, April 18, for the The 2016 Morris Loeb Lecture in Physics, delivered by Professor Stephen Hawking. Hawking declaimed on the history of physics, and its relation to his work to understand the phenomenon of black holes.  The event helped inaugurate the Harvard Black Hole Initiative, in which HistSci Department faculty member Peter Galison is a founding member.