Brad Bolman

Brad Bolman


Research Interests: History of the biosciences; animal models, experimentation, and the production of similarity; aging; globalization of science and capital; military science and technology; continental philosophy.

Brad Bolman studies the history of biology, medicine, and the physical sciences, with a particular focus on the use of organisms in large-scale experimentation. His dissertation, “The Dog Years: Beagling in the Biological and Physical Sciences,” explores the emergence of the beagle as an experimental organism. In 2018, he received a Harvard University Asia Center Grant for research in the Philippines. In 2019, he was the Reynolds-Finley Associate Fellow at the University of Alabama, Birmingham and winner of the Nathan Reingold Prize from the History of Science Society.

“In Hot Blood: The Dog Days of Pharmacology.” Panel: “Nonhuman Innovations, Nonhuman Disruptions.” Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA, September 2019).

“Dognitive Impairment: Alzheimer’s and Destructive Plasticity Unbounded.” Animal Research Unbound (Exeter, UK, July 15-16, 2019).

Articles and Chapters:
Bolman, B. (2019). Parroting Patriots: Interspecies Trauma and Becoming-Well-Together. BMJ Medical Humanities.

Bolman, B. (2019). Strontium. “Theorizing the Contemporary: Anthropogenic Table of Elements” in Cultural Anthropology.

Bolman, B. (2019). “Carnivorous Anatomies: Art and Being Beasts” in Reconfiguring Human, Nonhuman, and Posthuman in Literature and Culture (New York, Routledge).

Bolman, B. (2018). How experiments age: Gerontology, beagles, and species projection at Davis. Social Studies of Science, 48(2), 232–258.

Previous Degrees: 
AB., Social Studies, Harvard

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