Brad Bolman

Brad Bolman

Brad Bolman

Research Interests: History of the biosciences; animal models, experimentation, and the construction of similarity across the human and non-human; globalization of science and capital; military technology; continental philosophy

Attended Harvard, graduated in 2015, interested in studying contemporary scientific work (particularly the biosciences and sciences using animal subjects) in the context of global capitalism and transnational exchange.

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Papers Delivered:
“Narrating the Birth of Narration: The Challenges and Possibilities of Fictional Representation of Language Acquisition,” presented at Cognitive Futures in the Humanities Conference, Helsinki, June 2016.

“Tasting/Testing Hogs: Cooking and Consumption as Science,” presented at 20th Annual CLIFF Conference, Appetites: Discourses of Consumption, University of Michigan, March 2016.

Previous Degrees: BA, Social Studies, Harvard University

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