Caleb Shelburne

Caleb Shelburne

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Research Interests: Nineteenth-century Ottoman history; history of gender and sexuality; history of race; disability studies; travel and migration; science and literature; history of transportation

Caleb Shelburne is a PhD student in History of Science, where he studies the human sciences in the late Ottoman Empire. Originally from Northampton, Massachusetts, he attended Harvard College, concentrating in History and Literature, and then spent a year at the University of Cambridge on a master’s in Gender Studies. Caleb’s previous research has primarily focused on connections between French and Ottoman subjects, including in literature, transportation, and social theory. His current work centers on constructions of the human in the nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire, specifically around gender, sexuality, and race. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys ice skating, baking pies, and playing frisbee.

Papers Presented
“Times New Ottoman: The Orient Express in Ottoman Spacetime,” Priors and Priorities: Conceiving Time and Other Bodies, Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University, April 2018

“Henriette de Marans: Writing from the Margins,” Rethinking Enlightenment Conference, Houghton Library, Harvard University, March 2018

“Tracking France’s Revolutionary Female Journalists,” Encounters: Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts, Harvard University, April 2017

Previous Degrees
BA., History and Literature, Harvard College
MPhil., Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies, University of Cambridge

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