Emma Broder

Emma Broder

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Research Interests: Contested illness; patient experience/activism; medical epistemology; history of epidemiology; environmental health; medical sociology.

Emma is a PhD candidate in the History of Science department. Her dissertation examines the 20th century history of contested illnesses and how patient experience and medical/scientific knowledge differently construct bodies and objects of knowledge. Linking similar conditions which share a nonspecific symptomatology and contested etiology, she investigates the material, cultural, and political dimensions of illnesses which challenge clinical and epidemiological classification.

She graduated from Wesleyan University in 2017 with high honors in the Science in Society Program and a double major in biology, where her senior thesis examined the controversy around chronic Lyme disease, focusing on gendered constructions of illness.

Previous Degrees: 
BA., Science in Society and Biology, Wesleyan University

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