Concentration Requirements

Old Book by Davide Simonelli

Every concentrator will choose one of the five pathways through the concentration:

1. History of Science

2. Science and Society

3. Medicine and Society (thesis required)

4. Mind, Brain, Behavior (thesis required)

5. Technology, Information and Society

Required Courses

  • History of Science 100. Knowing the World: An Introduction to the History of Science (fall)
  • History of Science 97. Tutorial, Sophomore Year (spring)
  • History of Science 98. Tutorial, Junior Year (fall)

Regardless of the track that is chosen, every concentrator will take History of Science 100, which is offered only during the fall semester.

In addition, every concentrator will take one semester of sophomore tutorial and one semester of junior tutorial, taught by faculty members and teaching fellows from the Department of the History of Science.

History of Science 97, the sophomore tutorial, is a hands-on course that introduces students to some of the most exciting and productive questions in the history of science, technology, and medicine, while developing critical reading, presentation, and discussion skills.  Small groups of students master "cases" that allow them to tackle different aspects of a larger theme each week and share discoveries in sessions led by the faculty instructor. The course is further enhanced by a series of supervised individual group projects.  History of Science 97 is offered only during the spring semester.

History of Science 98, the junior tutorial, is a course designed to train students in the complex, but richly rewarding, skills of advanced historical research, from how to work in archives to how to master relevant theoretical perspectives needed to think well about a research question. All students enrolled in this course are coached through a process that results in a 25-page independent research paper.  History of Science 98 must be taken during the fall semester (except for students not in residence).

History of Science 99ab, the senior thesis tutorial, is an optional course for the History of Science track and Science and Society track, but is required for the Medicine and Society focus and the Mind, Brain, Behavior focus. Writing a senior thesis is an opportunity to spend a sustained period of time working on a research problem at the highest possible level. Students choosing to write a senior thesis may be supervised by a faculty member or an advanced graduate student, and are free to pursue a diverse range of topics.

Although it is not a required course, students who are interested in working with a History of Science faculty member on an individual reading and research project have the opportunity to enroll in History of Science 91r, Supervised Reading and Research.  Students must complete the HS 91r application and return it to the History and Science Undergraduate Program office, Science Center 355, by the course registration deadline.  If you have any questions, please contact Allie Belser, Manager of Student Programs.