History of Science Track

Non-honors: 11 courses
Non-thesis honors: 12 courses
Honors: 13 courses

Required Courses:

  • History of Science 100. Introduction to the History of Science
  • Six courses in the history of science, medicine and technology, normally taught by History of Science faculty in the Department, or by approved faculty from allied Departments.
  • Two additional courses, normally outside the Department, designed to allow students to connect special interests in the history of science to relevant course work offered in other parts of the College; examples include certain courses in African and African American Studies, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, History, History of Art, Film Studies, Religion, Sociology, Medical Anthropology, Philosophy of Science, and Bioethics.
  • History of Science 97. Tutorial, Sophomore Year
  • History of Science 98. Tutorial, Junior Year
If honors option is chosen:
  • History of Science 99. Tutorial, Senior Year (the senior thesis - two semesters)
If non-thesis honors option is chosen:
  • A History of Science graduate (2000-level) course