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Courses in Concentration Form

Concentrators must submit a plan of their proposed program of study on the 'Courses in Concentration' form, normally at the beginning of each semester.  Students should review their Courses in Concentration form at least once a year, and update it whenever there is a change in the list of courses actually being taken for credit in the concentration. Please submit the form for the appropriate track, listed below, to Allie Belser, either in hard copy or by email.

History of Science Track

Science and Society Track

Medicine and Society

Mind, Brain, Behavior

Technology, Information, and Society

Secondary Field in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine


Science and Society: Guide to the Science Area

Science and Society: Guide to the Focus in Medicine and Society

Science and Society: Guide to the Focus in Mind, Brain, Behavior

Science and Society: Guide to the Focus in Technology, Information, and Society


Harvard College Handbook for Students

Fields of Concentration: History and Science

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