History of Physical Sciences

Sandip Bhatt

Research Interests: Performance validation/error assessment practices for automated and semi-automated inference systems where ‘gold standard’ truth data is difficult or impossible to obtain, the ways in which these practices have (and have not) evolved over time, how they privilege certain metrics over others (e.g. quantitative over qualitative, representative cases over edge cases), and how they reflect the valuation of different types of labor (e.g. coding vs. manual review) within the development community.

Dani  Inkpen

Dani Inkpen

Research Interests: History of glaciology in North America in the twentieth century, with a focus on the relationships between science and recreation, as manifested in the intertwined histories of mountaineering and glacier study in the early twentieth century. Her work focuses in particular on the changing methods and practices of glacier study throughout the twentieth century, and the shifting role of photography in this history.

Tiffany Nichols

Tiffany Nichols

Research Interests: History of the detection of gravitational waves, instrumentation used to achieve the detection, and responses and ramifications of the shift of detection/perception of astrological phenomena from optical observations to sonic observations, history of technoethics and predicting effects of scientific and technical developments, inclusion and exclusion of groups within the science and technological fields, interpretation and communication of science and technology through literature, art, and film, integrity of data and algorithms, and promoting/progressing science and technology through legal instruments.