Technology, Information, and Society Focus

Non-honors: 12 courses

Non-thesis honors: 13 courses

Honors: 14 courses


The Technology, Information, and Society focus is for students who want to situate studies of technological innovation in a broad social and history of science context.  Students in this track generally take foundational and more advanced science courses in computer science and/or engineering science courses, broadly understood. They combine these with courses in history and the social sciences largely focused on information media, the history, ethics and social impact of technology (including biotechnology and medical technologies), energy and technology, space technology, cyberculture, the environment and technology, the engineering sciences, and the history of computing. There are also opportunities to cross-register for courses at MIT, to pursue special interests through the junior tutorial paper, the senior thesis, and museum internships, and to undertake customized one-on-one reading and research courses.  

Required Courses:

  • History of Science 100. Introduction to the History of Science
  • At least three additional courses in the history and social studies of technology, computer science and allied disciplines and topics.  See the Guide to the Focus in Technology, Information and Society.
  • At least one general course in the history of science, medicine or technology (i.e., one of the four elective history of science courses may  though need not  fall outside the focus)
  • At least five courses that together comprise a coherent set of studies across computer science or the engineering sciences; they need not all be in the same Department. See Guide to the Focus in Technology, Information and Society. 
  • History of Science 97. Tutorial, Sophomore Year.
  • History of Science 98. Tutorial, Junior Year.

If honors option is chosen:

  • History of Science 99ab. Tutorial, Senior Year (the senior thesis  two semesters).

If non-thesis honors option is chosen:

  • A History of Science graduate (2000-level) course