Medicine and Society Focus

Medicine and Society
Honors: 14 courses

The Medicine and Society focus in the Science and Society track is designed for students considering a career in medicine, health sciences, health policy, or who otherwise have a pronounced interest in the medical sciences. It allows students to combine course work in many of the scientific subjects required for medical school admission with a coherent program of courses that look at health and medicine from a range of historical, social scientific and humanistic perspectives. See the Guide to the Focus in Medicine and Society.

Required Courses:

  • History of Science 100. Introduction to the History of Science
  • Five additional courses: at least two must be in the history of medicine or its allied fields (including the life sciences, mind sciences, bioethics, biotechnology) and be taught by members of the Department of the History of Science; two will normally be drawn from other disciplines concerned with the social, ethical or humanistic analysis of medicine and health (anthropology, economics, ethics, sociology); and one can be an open-ended elective that can be fulfilled by taking any of the History of Science department course offerings.
  • Four courses in medical sciences: relevant courses in Chemistry, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Neurobiology, and Human Evolutionary Biology.
  • History of Science 97. Tutorial, Sophomore Year.
  • History of Science 98. Tutorial, Junior Year.
  • History of Science 99ab. Tutorial, Senior Year (the senior thesis – two semesters). Normally, the thesis will address some historical question about medicine and health, broadly understood.