Advising for First-Year Students

We encourage first-year students to take courses with us during their freshmen year, including departmental courses, General Education courses, and Freshman Seminars.  Some courses to consider during AY 2020-2021: 

  • GENED 1150. Medicine and Conflict: The History and Ethics of Healing in Political Turmoil 
  • GENED 1170. Confronting COVID-19: Science, History, Policy
  • GENED 1089. The Border: Race, Politics, and Health in Modern Mexico
  • GENED 1143. Dark Satanic Mills: How the Factory Made Our World
  • History of Science 100. Knowing the World: An Introduction to the History of Science
  • History of Science 123cs. Starstruck! The History, Culture, and Politics of American Astronomy
  • History of Science 130. Heredity and Reproduction
  • History of Science 148. Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: A History of Health Disparities in America
  • History of Science 172. Mental Health Matters: Recurring Themes and Unfinished Business
  • History of Science 181. Humans in Space: Past, Present, Future
  • History of Science 187. Information: History, Politics, and Ethics
  • History of Science 197. Why Trust Science?

We are happy to talk to individual first year students about our program, but one of the best ways to get to know us is to attend one of our Departmental advising Open Houses or to come to one of our other community events -- including an annual alumni career panel. Just write to Allie Belser to be put on a mailing list for announcements.