Advising for Juniors

During the junior year, all concentrators enroll in History of Science 98, the junior tutorial, a research seminar designed to help students come to a better understanding of the craft of historical research and writing.  All concentrators must enroll in the junior tutorial during the fall semester of their junior year, unless they are not in residence during that term.

Students meet in small groups of eight to ten. Students who wish to write a senior thesis must meet certain standards by the end of the research seminar, and will be recommended for admission to History of Science 99ab, the senior tutorial.

Course website for History of Science 98: Junior Tutorial

During the spring semester, we will host a series of meetings for juniors interested in writing a senior thesis, to provide students with information about the senior thesis process, funding resources and grant applications, human subjects research and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process, and the process for assigning senior thesis advisers. Students will also be welcome to join us for our annual History and Science Winter Thesis Conference during the first weekend of the spring semester.