Rosenkrantz Travel Grants

PLEASE NOTE: The Rosenkrantz Travel Grant program is currently inactive. 

Named in honor of the late Professor Barbara Rosenkrantz, a pioneering historian of public health and a great supporter of undergraduate research, this grant program is exclusively for concentrators in History and Science.  It allows motivated rising juniors  (who have completed sophomore tutorial) and who are concentrating in history and science to devise a short but meaningful plan of travel and academic discovery in the United States or abroad. This grant program may serve as the first stage of research towards a senior thesis or junior research paper, but there is no requirement that it do so. The only requirement is a sincere passion for adventure and exploration, and a willingness to prepare well for the experience.

Travel lasting between 5-10 days can be supported to: tour a city rich with sites associated with the history of science, medicine or technology; visit a library with unique holdings or archives related to the history of science, medicine, or technology; assist on a project or do independent open-ended research in museum collections relevant to the history of science, medicine, or technology; retrace the journey of a key individual or group important in the history of science, medicine or technology, or something else again. In 2016, the program sent concentrators to Brazil, Iceland, Hungary and Austria, Norway, Washington D.C., England, Mexico, and Cuba! Read about their adventures here!

The Director of Undergraduate Studies and all other faculty are available to help students shape projects. Normally, the amount of funds awarded will not be less than $750 or greater than $2000, and usually will fall somewhere in between.  Recipients are expected to contribute to a group blog over the course of their travels, and to file a brief report after they return. They may also be invited to meet with the donor over lunch during the fall semester following their travels.

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